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 “Contentment is the greatest treasure”     Lao Tzu

Qigong is a gentle way of directly experiencing and working with the subtle energy known as Qi.  It connects us  to the natural flow of energy in and around us and to the root of our vitality. Benefits of Qigong may include, engendering inner stillness,  a sense of clarity and a profound enjoyment of life. Qigong may also support a healing process by clearing energetic blockages and removing stagnation in the body.

 Adam, practices Qigong to cultivate a deep connection to the earth and to remain open to the universal energy, this brings an inherent sense of peace and well being, he has  practiced for many years with a number of international teachers which  has informed his eclectic style of teaching.  In his classes he teaches a variety of simple to learn yet powerful forms, designed to connect you to your body and a felt sense of Qi both within and without,  through movement and stillness.  Each  session will be informed by the season and typically include  Wu Xing (five elements) Qigong and a variety of other forms according to the your needs. Adam’s Qigong practice informs his work as a Thai massage therapist, helping to identify and heal energetic blockges in others.

Please call to book a one on one Qigong Session.

Many thanks to my teacher Damo Mitchell at the Lotus Nei Gong School for his continued diligence in practicing and teaching authentic Qigong and poviding a comprehensive platform to learn and grow in these arts.

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