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Qi Gong and Thai Massage in Bristol

” The body knows how to heal itself. I  simply facilitate with techniques, creating a safe space, that ensures trust, openness and allows the healing process to unfold quickly and effectively “

Through a fusion of expertise in Thai massage, acupressure and Qigong  Adam is able to respond intuitively during a treatment session, engendering the bodies innate ability to return to a state of equilibrium and harmony. A Treatment with Adam draws upon his understanding  of anatomy alongside his ability to work with the energy body. Clients experience a treatment that meets their physical need for muscular and skeletal release (using stretches from the Thai massage tradition) alongside an experience of the body being  received and responded to energetically with applied Qi gong and acupressure.

Adam works from a treatment room at home that is dedicated to body work and healing. With cushions, blankets and a warm fire, he creates a welcoming, safe and calm space in which clients feel encouraged to let go of tensions and old habits in the body and open into a process of healing.  Home visits are also available.

To facilitate the individual to take control of their health and continue the work achieved on the mat, Adam teaches Qi gong in Bristol to encourage and maintain a sense of well being and harmony.

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About Adam

Adam Kelly is a highly experienced Thai massage therapist based in Bristol and the founder of a unique form of bodywork; a fusion of Thai Massage, Acupressure and Qi Gong. After twenty years of studying complementary therapies, the last eight years have seen Adam immersed in the formation of his own practise.

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